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Denise Silverman & Donna Lennon | Owners & Sisters

At Closet Full of Linens, Our customers know they can call us on the phone, no matter where they are located, and we will ship their new bed set, sheets, table linens or a robe and gown directly to them.

We are so grateful for our loyal, lovely customers who have been coming here for decades.

People are Talking!

We love what we do! Throughout the years, Closet Full of Linens, and our sister store, Drawer Full of Lingerie, (Storefront name is Linens & Lingerie), has been featured in many publications and TV Shows. Here are just a few :

• Boca Raton Magazine

CEO Denise Silverman & her sister, Donna Lennon, are the Owners of Closet Full of Linens and Drawer Full of Lingerie.

Now under one roof at the Glades Plaza, they combined the names for their storefront sign: “Linens & Lingerie“.

At Closet Full of Linens & Drawer Full of Lingerie, it’s not unusual to find customers who have been coming to the store for over 40 years. They return year after year, sometimes bringing their daughters, sometimes bringing their granddaughters. “This store is all about relationships,” says Denise Silverman, who has been providing customers with the best designer names in luxury bedding, designer linens and elegant bath accessories since 1981. A family-owned-and-operated business, where you’ll almost always find Denise behind the counter.

Closet Full of Linens reflects a passion of discovering the best linens and making them available to customers. “Our goal has always been to provide the highest quality merchandise,” Denise says. “We never compromise quality for price. We always have a sale of at least 20 percent or more, on first-quality designer brands or on special orders, which we are always happy to give.” With 40 years of personalized fitting on the lingerie side and more than 40 years of buying experience on the linen side, Linens & Lingerie have developed a trust with their customers, who know they will never be disappointed.

• TV Show – I am Jazz. 

• Boca Raton Magazine

Getting to Know Denise Silverman, and her sister, Donna Lennon, Owners of Closet Full of Linens and Drawer Full of Lingerie, you feel like you’re a midst Southern Comfort. Denise Silverman recalls her mother, Lily Silverman, selling linens from the basement of their home in New Jersey in the early 1970’s. “She just loved anything having to do with linens,” Denise says of her mom. Lily eventually opened a store in New Jersey, and, in 1976, she launched a Closet Full of Linens in Pompano Beach.

When Denise graduated from Bauder Fashion College in 1976, she decided to help her mother with the store; three years later, Denise took it over. Lily then launched a lingerie business, Drawer Full of Lingerie, in the same plaza. Donna Lennon was teaching finance at the University of Miami (her alma mater) in 1982, when sister Denise Silverman, approached her about opening a second, adjoining Closet Full of Linens and Drawer Full of Lingerie in Boca Raton, Florida. “I had never intended on academia as my career,” Lennon says. “This is just how things worked out.”

Today, Denise maintains the store in Boca Raton exclusively. The sisters decided to close the Pompano location about five years ago, when their parents retired. Silverman runs both the linens section and handles the lingerie. “It’s evolved into a well-oiled machine,” Denise says. The sister’s acknowledge that their tastes are quite different, but the trust is there.

Like Mother, Like Daughter After more than 40 years, Denise Silverman has solidified her mission and purpose. “This store is an amazing concept because it totally revolves around comfort, beauty and aesthetics,” she says. Their many longtime customers agree. “I’ve ordered things for customers who are out of state,” Silverman says. “They’ll say, ‘Denise, I trust you. Go pick out something for me.’ The customers trust our expert opinion. Our knowledgeable and helpful Staff are always delighted to help make your decor vision a reality.

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